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Ragona Scientific is a manufacturer's representative providing superior service and reliable information on top quality instrumentation for surface characterization and advanced microscopy.

Instrumentation for nanotechnology and bionanotechnology.

Products offered by Ragona Scientific


JPK Products - JPK

LaVision BioTec

Micro Materials


Carbon Design Innovation (CDI)

AFM Workshop



If you would like information on

Electrophysiology Equipment:

  • Micromanipulators
  • In Vivo Manipulators
  • X-Cite Fluorescence Illumination
  • replacement X-Cite bulbs
  • Objective Plane Power Meters
  • Vibration Isolation Solutions
  • Perfusion Systems
  • High speed switching solutions
  • Pipette Pullers
  • HumBug Noise Eliminator 

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Kristin Ragona at Sailing Scientific.

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Sid Ragona, Ph.D.

Ragona Scientific

ph./fax  (585) 249-7692

JPK Instruments

JPK is a leading manufacturer of nano-analytical instruments - particularly based on atomic force microscope (AFM) and optical tweezers systems - for life sciences and soft matter applications.

LaVision BioTec

LaVision BioTec offers multi-beam, two-photon microscopy, and moveable top plate platforms for upright microscopy.

Micro Materials develops and manufactures high precision NanoTest platform for characterization of mechanical properties.

BioForce Nanosciences

BioForce Nanosciences, Inc. manufactures a unique microdot patterning system as well as an Ozone Cleaner which can used for cantilever cleaning.


Carbon Design Innovations - AFM probes, with carbon nanotube (CNT) tips, that enable unprecedented levels of imaging clarity and precision measurement for research and industrial applications.



AFM Workshop is a company that offers innovative and inexpensive AFM systems.